* do not press 'mode change button' continuously. it may cause malfunction *
before proceed, your phone needs to be
paired with  'flashcase' at least once

1. download 'flashcase' app in app store

2. go to setting -> bluetooth
click i icon besides 'flashcase'
click 'forget this device'
3.press 'mode change button' gently
check if it's flashing in red light
if it's flashing in white, press the button again
4. turn on flashcase app
you will see 'successfully paired' pop-up
change color as you wish to
* you may only be able to pair when it's flashing in red light *
5. when color changing is done
turn off app and bluetooth
turn bluetooth back on
6. enjoy !
if you are having trouble, please see below
flashcase is lighting in WHITE
turn off app, press 'mode change button' again 
to make flashcase lights in RED
click Settings
turn on bluetooth

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